Deuteronomy 13-14

Deuteronomy 13-14

Chapter 13: Don’t Worship False Gods

The Lord warns about false prophets, who have dreams. Anyone who advocates worshiping other gods than the Lord is to be shunned and killed. All Idolatrous cities are to be destroyed.

Chapter 14: What you can/not eat

This chapter is essentially a continuation to Leviticus 11, which outlines all of the unclean animals, fish and fowl that man should not eat.

  • All sea creatures with scales and fins you can eat.
  • Animals you can eat:
    • the ox
    • the sheep
    • the goat
    • the hart
    • the roebuck
    • the fallow deer
    • the wild goat
    • the pygarg
    • the wild ox
    • the chamois
  • Animals you can’t eat:
    • the camel
    • the hare
    • the coney
    • the swine

The rest of the clean/unclean animals can be found in Leviticus 11. This chapter is more of a reminder to the Israelite people.

The chapter also mentions of the importance of paying your tithing, which is 1/10 of your increase.


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