Exodus 23-24

Exodus 23-24

Chapter 23: Law of Moses

  • Thou shalt not raise a false report.
  • Do not follow a crowd of evil. – Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it is ok.
  • Do not pervert justice.
  • 6 years you can work the land and have crops, but the seventh year is a year for the land to rest.
  • Six days to work and 1 day to rest per week.
  • Thou shalt keep the passover.
  • Israel is required to keep 3 feast per year to the Lord.
  • An angel of the Lord will be set before the Israelites to guide them and to show them the way.
  • The Nations of Canaan will be slowly driven out as long as Israel does not worship or make covenants with their Gods.

Chapter 24: Israel Accepts the Word of God

Israel accepts the word of God, and accepts the covenant. Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and the 70 Elders of Israel see God. The Lord calls Moses to come up Mount Sinai to receive two tables of stone with all the commandments written on them. The top of the mountain is covered with clouds for six days.


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