Exodus 29-30

Exodus 29-30

Chapter 29: Washing and Anointing

Aaron and his sons are to be washed, anointed and consecrated. Sacrificial rites are performed in the temple.

They are to bring a basket of unleavened bread tempered with oil and wafers anointed with oil, made of wheaten flour. Bringing with them a bullock and 2 rams. The bullock and the 2 rams are to be killed and burnt as offerings. One of them rams will be eaten with the bread in the basket.

All of this being done as a atonement for the sins of the people.

Chapter 30: Altar of Incense

In the temple there is an Altar of Incense, where the priests can burn incense. This altar is built of shittim wood. This Altar is to be placed before the veil, which is by the Ark of Testimony.

Upon the altar of incense, a ritual of atonement is to be performed only once per year. The Lord speaks to Moses and tells him that everyone that is numbered in Israel needs to pay a half a shekel upon entering the temple. The money is to be used for the service of the tabernacle.

The Lord speaks to Moses again and tells him to make a “laver” of brass. Laver meaning wash, a wash basin made of brass. This is to be used by Aaron and his sons to wash their hands and feet. The priests are commanded to wash their hands and feet before entering the temple, and to be anointed with oil.


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