Exodus 35-36

Exodus 35-36

Chapter 35: Offerings unto the church.

Moses gathers the children of Israel and tells them what the Lord has commanded of them. He reminds them of the importance of the Sabbath day, and to keep it holy. Moses tells the Israelites that they need offerings to the church, to build the Temple. Just like we had already read in Chapter 25 of Exodus, we can find a list of things that are to be donated to complete the temple. The call of the Artisans of the temple (originally mentioned in Chapter 25) is confirmed.

Chapter 36: The Work of the Temple

Bezaleel, who was commanded to be and Artisan on the temple gathers every wise hearted man who is willing to work on the temple. The offerings to build the temple come in every morning from the children of Israel.

Once they had sufficient offerings to build the temple, Moses commands the people to no longer donate to the temple, because they had sufficient and “too much” (Exodus 36:6-7).

The men continue to work on the temple, all men putting their talents to use. Verses 8-38 go into more detail about what each man made in the temple and the details of size and construction are listed.


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