Genesis 46-48

Genesis 46-48

Chapter 46: Jacob and his family in Egypt

Jacob/Israel takes his journey to Beersheba, where he offered sacrifices to the Lord. There God speaks to Jacob in the visions of the night, saying: “…fear not to go down into Egypt; for I will there make of thee a great nation.” (Genesis 46:3)

Jacob and his sons travel to Eypt in the wagons that Pharaoh had provided for them. These are the generations that traveled to Egypt:


The sons of Leah and Jacob:

  • Reuben
    • Hanoch
    • Phallu
    • Hezron
    • Carmi
  • Simeon
    • Jemuel
    • Jamin
    • Ohad
    • Jachin
    • Zohar
    • Shaul
  • Levi
    • Gershon
    • Kohath
    • Merari
  • Judah
    • Er
    • Onan
    • Shelah
    • Pharez
    • Zerah
    • Er and Onan died.
  • And all of their sons

The sons of Zilpah:

  • Gad
    • Ziphion
    • Haggi
    • Shuni
    • Ezbon
    • Eri
    • Arodi
    • Areli
  • Asher
    • Jimnah
    • Ishuah
    • Isui
    • Beriah
      • Heber
      • Malchiel
    • Serah

The sons of Rachel:

  • Joseph
    • Manasseh
    • Ephraim
  • Benjamin
    • Belah
    • Becher
    • Ashbel
    • Gera
    • Naaman
    • Ehi
    • Rosh
    • Muppim
    • Huppim
    • Ard

The sons of Bilhah:

  • Dan
    • Hushim
  • Naphtali
    • Jahzeel
    • Guni
    • Jezer
    • Shillem

Chapter 47: Joseph Sells to Egypt

Pharaoh tells Joseph to have his family dwell in the land of Goshen and provide some of his servants to watch over his flock in Goshen. Jacob meets Pharaoh, and he asks Jacob how old he is. Jacob responds 130 years old.  Jacob blesses Pharaoh.

The famine continues in the land of Egypt and there was no bread throughout all of the land, save it be in the land of Egypt, under the control of Joseph and Pharaoh. So the people throughout the land go in unto Joseph to buy bread, but soon “money faileth”, and the people trade cattle/flock and all their possessions for bread. But only after a few years the land is desolate, with only the people and the land. So the people of the land tell Joseph that if they give them bread then they will give up their land to Pharaoh and become his servants. So they do this throughout the time of the famine.

Joseph gives the people seed to plant in the land, and tells them that because they were delivered from the famine that from this day forward they had to give 1/5 of all their increase to Pharaoh. The only part of the land of Egypt that was not sold to Pharaoh, was that of the priests who received a portion of the food, and therefore did not have to sell their land. Jacob/Israel dwelt in the land of Goshen near Egypt and all the days of his life were 147 years.

Jacob speaks with Joseph and makes him promise that he will be buried in the land of Canaan among his fathers.

Chapter 48: Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

Joseph is told that his father Jacob is sick, so he brings his two sons; Ehpraim and Manaseh to see him. Jacob tells Joseph that he had seen God in the land of Canaan and the Lord had told him that he would make him fruitful and he would multiply his seed. Joseph shows Jacob his two grandsons and Jacob blesses them by the laying on of hands (see Genesis 48:14-16). Joseph gets a little upset when Jacob puts his son Ehpraim on the right hand side (because normally the firstborn would get the blessing and be on the right hand side; in this case Manasseh). Joseph thinks at first that maybe Jacob does not know which one is the firstborn, so Joseph tries to correct him, but Jacob stops him and tells him he knows which one is the firstborn, but that Ephraim would be greater than his older brother. He assures Joseph, that his son Manasseh will be great to, but not as great as Ephraim. Jacob therefore sets Ephraim before Manasseh.


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