Leviticus 7-8

Leviticus 7-8

Chapter 7: Forgiveness through Sacrifice

The Law of the Trespass Offering, after the burnt offering has been killed the meat is to be eaten by the priest and any males that are with the priest during the time of the sacrifice. Theses shall be made as Atonement; At-One-Ment is a way to address a wrong, such as a sin.

If the burnt offering be as a “thanksgiving”, then the sacrifice of thanksgiving must be presented with unleavened cakes mingled with oil, unleavened wafers anointed with oil and fine flour, fried. The sacrifice must be eaten the day that it is sacrificed, unless it was a vow, then the sacrifice may be eaten in 2 days, but on the third day it must be burnt. If the sacrifice be eaten on the third day, the sacrifice shall be void and the person who commits this will be committing an abomination unto the Lord.

The children of Israel are commanded to not eat the fat of any beast, regardless of how the animal died. The fat is to be used for other purposes, but to never be eaten.

Israel is also commanded to not eat blood. (Leviticus 7:26)

Chapter 8: Washing and Anointing

The Lord commands Moses to bring the congregation of Israel before the doors of the Tabernacle, where Aaron and his sons are washed an anointed, they are clothed in the robes of the priesthood and are consecrated before Israel. Moses and Aaron offer sacrifices of reconciliation unto the Lord in the same manner as I have discussed in the previous chapters of Leviticus.


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