Numbers 27-28

Numbers 27-28

Chapter 27: Law of Inheritances

There was a man named Zelophehad, who had no sons, only daughters. The names of the daughters are Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah. The daughters approach Moses and Eleazar and demand to have their father’s inheritance.

Moses approaches the Lord and asks him what he should do, and receives an answer that essentially says; yes Moses give them their inheritance. If the man wouldn’t have had sons or daughters, it would have been given to his brothers. If the man had no brothers then it would be given to his father’s brothers and if his father had no brothers it would be given to the nearest relative in his clan. Essentially this is how inheritances work today.

When the daughters of  Zelophehad reach the promised land they will receive their inheritance.

Moses will see, but not enter into the promised land. The Israelites get very close to the promised land and God instructs Moses to go up into the top of a mountain so that he can see the promised land.

Moses speaks with God and is concerned about the leadership of the Israelites once he is gone. So the Lord instructs Moses to appoint Joshua and give him his authority and power to lead the children of Israel when he is gone.

In verses 21-23 we learn about the laying on of hands to receive the authority. This same act is practiced in the Restored Church, the LDS church.

Chapter 28: Sacrifices; Morning and Night

Daily Offerings: Every day the Israelites are two present two offerings. One in the morning and one at twilight. At each offering, they were to offer: burnt offerings (a year old lamb without defect), grain offering (2 liters of fine flour mixed with 1 liter of olive oil) and drink offering (of wine).

Sabbath Offerings: On the Sabbath, they were to offer the daily offerings + 2 more lambs and more flour with oil.

Monthly Offerings: On the first of every month, or the first of every “new moon” they were to offer: two young bulls, one ram, 7 year old male lambs, 6.5 liters of fine flour mixed with oil for each bull, 4.5 liters of fine flour mixed with oil for each ram, and 2 liters of fine flour mixed with oil for each lamb. 2 liters of wine for each bull, 1.2 liters of wine for each ram and 1 liter of wine for each lamb.

The Passover: On the 14th day of the first month, the Israelites were to begin the celebration of the Passover by holding a “sacred assembly” and doing no work. See Exodus 12 for the origin of the Passover. On the 15th day the Israelites have a festival and for 7 days they were to eat bread made without yeast and on the seventh day they were to have another sacred assembly with no work.

During the Festival (besides their normal daily offering) they were required to offer the same things in the Monthly Offering (see above)


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