Numbers 3-4

Numbers 3-4

Chapter 3: Aaron and his sons administer

Generations of Aaron:

  • Nadab
  • Abihu
  • Eleazer
  • Ithamar

The Tribe of Levi is commanded to come towards the Tabernacle, so that Aaron could take charge of them, and they are numbered.

The Tribe of Levi (the sons of):

  • Gershon – The Gershonites are commanded to pitch their tents behind the Tabernacle westward, Eliasaph the son of Lael is appointed chief over the Gershonites.
    • Libni
    • Shimei
    • Kohath – Was the family of the Amramites, Izeharites, Hebronites and the Uzzielites. The family of Kohath and all of their sons are commanded to pitch their tents on the side of the Tabernacle southward, Elizaphan the son of Uzziel is appointed chief over the tribes of Kohath. These tribes are in charge of the ark, the table, the candlestick, the altars, the vessels of the sanctuary and all the service within.
      • Amram
      • Izehar
      • Hebron
      • Shimei
    • Merari – Was the family of the Mahlites, and the Mushites; Zuriel the son of Abihail is appointed chief over the family of Merari. – The Family of Merari are put in charge of the boards, bars, pillars, sockets and all the vessels of the tabernacle. Also they are in charge of the courtyards of the tabernacle.
      • Mahli
      • Mushi

Eleazer the son of Aaron is appointed chief over the Levites.

Moses is commanded by the Lord to number all the males of the congregation of Israel from one month old and up.

Chapter 4: 30+ Years

Several times in this chapter it mentions 30+ years old to 50 years old. Verses: 3,23, 30, 35, 39, 43 and 47. Levitie Law required teachers and/or priests to be 30+ years old. Jesus was baptized at the age of 30 and began his ministry in the same year. He was following this Levite Law. See Luke 3:23.

When the camp of Israel moves, because at this point the Israelites had fled from Egypt and were still wandering in the wilderness. This meant that the Tabernacle was mobile. As we learned in the last chapter each family within the tribe of the Levites were in charge of one particular part of the tabernacle. The Levite Families of Kohath, Gershon, and Merari carry the burden of carry all of the tabernacle (in its mobile form) as they travel.


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