1 Samuel 9-10

1 Samuel 9-10

Chapter 9: Saul to be King

In the last chapter we learned that Israel wanted a King and even though Samuel was unhappy with their choice, the Lord gave his consent to their request. God goes in to see Samuel and tells him that he will be meeting the new King. The Lord tells him that at about the same day tomorrow he will send a man to cross his paths that will come from the land of Benjamin. The Lord tells Samuel to anoint him as the king and leader over his people. Telling Samuel that this man will deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines.

Samuel begins to prepare a feast for this even and had a cook reserve a special piece of meat just for this new king that he will be meeting soon. The man who comes is named Saul and he is a Benjamite, who was a very impressive young man.

Donkeys belonging to Saul’s father get lost, so Saul and as servant set out to look for them. They spend a very long time searching for them and they don’t find any of them. Saul is ready to give up, because he is worried that his father will stop worrying about the donkeys and start to worry about him and the servant. But the servant convinces Saul to keep up the search and even decide to go see a “man of God” to see if he can help. This “man of God” is Samuel and it is interesting how the Lord works. He seems to be able to put two things together to make one thing happen.

Saul and the servant get to the town and come across some girls who are drawing water for the well, they tell him where to find the “man of God” and that he must hurry to catch up to him before they have the big feast and sacrifice that was planned at the beginning of the chapter. Saul meets up with Samuel and finds out that Samuel is indeed the “man of God” or Seer and at the same time Samuel gets spiritual confirmation that he is speaking to Saul, the new king.

Samuel invites Saul and his servant to the feast and Saul gets his special piece of meat and then he and Samuel speak on his roof all night.

Chapter 10: Saul Prophesies

Samuel takes a vial of oil and pours it upon the head of Saul, anointing him as the captain of the Lord’s in heritance.

Saul is given another heart by God, or in other words he is “spiritually reborn”. He prophesies among the prophets and is chosen as king over Mizpeh.


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