1 Chronicles 1-2

1 Chronicles 1-2

Chapter 1: Genealogy of Adam

The first chapter of 1st Chronicles tells us a few things. First we already know that Adam and Eve had three sons by name (Genesis 4:1-2,4:25) and many other unnamed sons and daughters (Genesis 5:4). Yet in the first opening verses we read nothing about Cain and Abel, but only of Seth. So we know that there is a more specific reason for this set of Genealogy, leaving out Cain and Abel.

While there is much we don’t know and there is a LOT MORE that I don’t know I have included what I do know, with the actual verses from 1 Chronicles chapter one for your own reading and studying.

Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth were the survivors of the flood and the sons of Noah became the basis for the family in the post-flood world.

The sons of Japheth are commonly known/supposed to have been the ones who founded the people of Europe, and northern Asia.

From Javan: the Greek Ionia

From Gomer: the Ancient Cimmerians of the Russian plains

From Madai: Medes and Persians of Iran

From Tubia and Meschech: the inhabitants of the Turkish area.

From Kittim and Rodanim: the Islands of Cyprus and Rhodes


The sons of Ham were most likely the people who populated Africa and the Far East.


From Cush: we have two divisions or branches; some founded Babylon and others founded Ethiopia.

From Mizraim: Egypt

From Put: Libya

From Canaan: Israel


The sons of Shem, from Shem we have Elam who was an ancestor to the Persian people.


From Asshur: the Assyrians

From: Lud: the Lydians

From Aram: the Arameana also known as the Syrians

From Arphaxad: the ancestor to Abram and the Hebrews.


Chapter 2: The Sons of Israel

The descendants of Abraham.



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