1 Chronicles 13-14

1 Chronicles 13-14

Chapter 13: The Ark of the Lord

David consulted with all the captains and said unto the congregation of Israel that he felt it was good to send a group out to get the ark of the Lord. So David and his group of people brought the ark of the Lord from Kirjath-jearim which belonged to Judah and carried the ark in a new cart out of the house of Abinadab and Uzza and Ahio drove the cart.

David and all of Israel were singing and dancing, and when the ark met the threshing floor of Chidon, Uzza reached out to hold the ark and the anger of the Lord was upon him and smote him so that he died.

Because of this David was afraid of the Lord and did not know where to place the ark, so he didn’t bring it into the city of David, but instead carried it into the house of Obed-edom and the ark of God blessed the family of Obed-edom for three months.

Chapter 14: David Marries Wives and Becomes Famous

Hyram the king of Tyre sent messengers to David bringing him timber of cedars, with masons and carpenters to build him a house. So David perceived that the Lord has confirmed him a king over all of Israel.

David took more wives to marry and begat more sons and daughters;

Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, Ibhar, Elishua,Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, Elishama, Beeliada, and Eliphalet.

When the Philistines heard that David was anointed King, they came up and sought for his life. So David counsels with the Lord and asks what he shall do and the Lord tells him to go up against the Philistines in battle, because he will deliver him. So they came up to Baal-perazim and David smote them there. David also burned their gods and caused that the Philistines spread out among the valley. The fame of David went out among the land.


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