1 Chronicles 17-18

1 Chronicles 17-18

Chapter 17: Covenant Between David and God

David was sitting in his house when he turns to Nathan the prophet and tells him that he sits in a house built of wood, while the temple of the Lord is still a tent.

The Lord comes to Nathan to deliver a message to David. This message is that David needs not to be worried about building the temple, because the Lord has moved from tent to tent and from congregation to congregation since the time that the He brought up Israel.

David’s son will build the temple, the triumph of Israel is foretold and David thanks the Lord for his goodness to Israel.

Chapter 18: David Subdues all the adversaries of Israel

David smites the Philistines and subdues them so he can take Gath and all the surrounding towns from the Philistines. David kills the King of Zobah (Hadarezer) and takes from him thousands of chariots, seven thousand horsemen and twenty thousand footmen.

David took the shields of Gold and took them down to Jerusalem and from cities like Tibhath and Chun, David took brass, which Solomon used to make the brass sea (baptismal font).

When Tou, king of Hamath heard how David had done all these acts, he sent his son Hadoram to meet David and congratulate him. So David dedicated everything to them also. Abishai the son of Zeruiah slew the edomites in the valley of salt, which was 18,000. David ruled over all of Egypt.



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