1 Kings 1-2

1 Kings 1-2

*This was originally posted June 6, 2012*

Chapter 1: Adonijah Fails to Be King

King David at this point is very weak and fragile. It says that he was very cold and even with blankets could not get warm. So his servants go to find a young virgin to sleep with him to make him warm. They found Abishag, she cared for the king.

We don’t know exactly what happened between Abishag and King David, but most likely nothing more than someone to care for him. It is rumored by many bilblical scholars that Abishag is the same woman that is in the poem, “The Song of Solomon”, because it is speculated that while the young woman was taking care of David, she was having a fling with his son, Solomon.

Because King David was sick and old, Adonijah, one of the sons of David exalts himself and tells everyone that he will become king. Adonijah technically would be in succession for the throne, if God worked that way. Only God calls the king of Israel… and that is one thing that Adonijah failed to realize is that only God can exalt us. Adonijah even gathers chariots and horsemen (50 in all) to try and market his kingship to all of Israel. Adonijah has a huge banquet in his honor, but refuses to invite Solomon and Nathan the prophet. Joab (the chief general to David) and Abiathar (the high priest of Israel) supported Adonijah, without speaking to David or consulting the Lord.

However, not all of Israel supported Adonijah; Nathan, Zadok and all the mighty men of David refused to support him. They decided to sacrifice sheep, oxen and fattened cattle to the Lord so that they could receive his blessing and also use the meat to hold a feast for those who did not support Adonijah. Nathan tells Bathsheba to go in unto King David and tell him that he had once said that Solomon would become king, and ask David why Adonijah is becoming king instead? So Bathsheba goes into talk with David and tells him what has happened. Nathan decides to come in also and confirm these words.

David decides he has to make things right and sets the course straight so that Solomon can become king after he dies. So David calls a meeting and sets Solomon as the king of Israel and has Nathan and Zadok the priest take him to the tabernacle and have him anointed as king and then he commanded that horns blow and all of Israel announce that Solomon is king!

Adonijah hears that Solomon has been made king he trembles with fear and actually goes to see Solomon and begs for him to spare his life. Solomon tells Adonijah that if he is righteous then he will have nothing to fear, but if he lives a wicked life, he will die by his sword.

Chapter 2: Solomon; King of Israel

Before David dies he tells Solomon to be a righteous king and follow the commandments of God. In 1 Kings 2:4 it states; “…If thy children take heed to their way, to walk before me in truth with all their heart and with all their soul, there shall not fail thee (said he) a man on the throne of Israel”. This really struck me, especially with the current elections throughout the world, but more specifically in the United States between Barak Obama and Mitt Romney. We know that the government is corrupt and the economy is quickly sinking, but why? Because we have become a wicked a perverse people, and because of this our leaders are also extremely wicked. David also tells his son Solomon to treat his enemies with love, as a friend.

David dies and is buried in the City of David, David reigned over Israel for forty years and reigned over Hebron seven years and thirty three years in Jerusalem. Adonijah goes to Bathsheba and asks her to ask Solomon for Abishag to be his wife. Bathsheba brings his request to her son, King Solomon. King Solomon is upset because he told Adonijah that his life would be spared if he was a good man, but this unrighteous request would cost him his life, Adonijah was executed.

King Solomon also goes to Abiathar the priest and tells him that he is worthy of death also, but he would spare his life for now, but he must be exiled to his own fields. He was spared because he was there with King David during his trials and had carried the Ark of the Lord.

King Solomon also executes Joab and places Zadok in the place of Abiathar as priest for Israel. Solomon calls Shimei and gives him an offer to dwell in Jerusalem but never be permitted to travel from his home, or across the Brook Kidron. So he agrees and goes on his way, however one day the slaves of Shimei escape and Shimei goes after them. Once Solomon heard that Shimei had traveled he sent someone to kill him. Thus the kingdom of Solomon was set in place.


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