1 Kings 15-16

1 Kings 15-16

Chapter 15: Abijam Reigns in Wickedness

After 18 years of Jeroboam becoming king, his son Abijam became king over all of Judah and he reigned three years in Jerusalem and he walked in all the sins and ways of his father.

Abijam did not have his heart turned toward the Lord, but for the sake of David and his dynasty the Lord gave Abijam a lamp and preserved the kingship, but not because of the quality exhibited by Abijam.

Shortly after Abijam, a man named Asa became the king of Judah, the great-grandson of Solomon took over the thrown. Asa did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, as his father David. Asa came in to do some housecleaning by banishing the perverted people, or those who perverted the truths of the Lord. Asa also moved his grandmother from the role of being queen, because she had made an idol to worship. Asa removed all places of worship that did not worship the Lord, but instead worshipped idols.

Baasha, the king of Israel came up against Judah and built Ramah, that he might let none go out or come in to Judah. Asa, with the Lord on his side empties the treasuries of the temple and buys favor with the Syrians, who were backing Israel. Without the Syrians, Israel is unable to put this “blockade” on Judah.

This chapter once again mentions the “other” books of the Bible that don’t exist in the Bible. This to me proves that the Bible is not complete. Don’t get me wrong, the Bible is very much true, but without more, the Bible will always be incomplete and therefore (at times) difficult to understand and interpret, thus the reason for so many religions in the world today.

Asa in his old age, was diseased in his feet. Asa however starts to go downhill and starts to become bitter against God. His last years were not some of his best years!

Following Asa, Nadab, the son of Jeroboam takes control of the kingdom. He however continued what his father did not finish… by not following the Lord, he ruled in wickedness. Baasha assasinated him and killed all of the family of Jeroboam, effectively destroying that dynasty. If they would have listened and obeyed the Lord, they would have been promised a lasting kingdom!

Baasha, through assassination becomes the ruler over all of Israel, and of course he rules in wickedness. He did evil in the sight of the Lord.

Chapter 16: Elah, Zimi, Omri and Ahas Reign in Wickedness

The word of the Lord came to Jahu, the son of Hanani against Bassha telling him that he lifted him from the dust and made him ruler and he has walked in the way of Jeroboam and have made his people (Israel) to sin causing the Lord to be provoked with anger for the sins of Israel. The Lord promises him that he will take away all of the posterity of Baasha and hsi house and will make, the dogs shall eat them and the birds of the air shall eat anything that dies in the fields. Because Baasha (who was not a blood relative of Jeroboam) would follow in the same footsteps… he too would be destroyed as Jeroboam was destroyed.

Baasha is killed and the new 2 year reign of Elah steps in. Elah was the son of Baasha, and because God did not bless his kingship, he only ruled for 2 years. Zimri came and struck Elah, killing him. As Baasha claimed the thrown, someone else too claimed the thrown through assassination. Zimri, upon taking the thrown had all of the family of Baasha killed.

Zimri reigned for a whopping 7 days! All of Israel put Omri (who was the commander of the army) to be the king. Zimri decided (once he found out that he was done for), burned the kings house down, causing it to fall upon him, killing him.

Israel was now divided into two parts… half followed Omri, and the other half followed Tibni. Omri however put the revolution down and caused Tibni to die, making him king. Omri immediately began construction on a hill, making the capital city of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Samaria). Omri also followed after the wicked ways of Jeroboam.

Ahab the son of Omri becomes king and does evil in the sight of the Lord. Ahab was worse than Jeroboam! He took Jezebel of the Sidonians as his wife and worshiped Baal. Ahab decides to try and rebuild Jericho (even after Joshua had said that anyone who attempts doing it would lose their firstborn), it was a curse and Ahab thought he was immune to this curse.


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