1 Kings 3-4

1 Kings 3-4

Chapter 3: Solomon’s Judgment

                Solomon takes one of the Pharaoh’s daughters as his wife. We learn that before the time of Solomon there were no standing temples. The Israelites would go to high places to do their sacrifices or in portable tent temples.

                Solomon is visited by the Lord who tells him that he will be blessed if he continues to follow the commandments. Solomon asks for a wise and understanding heart and this pleases the Lord because he did not ask for riches or a long life. So the Lord blesses him with a wise and understanding heart and because he didn’t ask for them he gave him riches as well.

                The rest of the chapter talks about 2 women who come before him and his judgment. Both women were living in the same house and gave birth within days from each other. One night however one of the women rolled over onto her baby, killing the child. So she switched the dead baby for the living baby of the other woman. The next morning the baby who had the living baby finds a dead baby and accuses the other woman for switching out the babies. Solomon decides to cut the baby in half and give them both halves. But the woman who was the real mother of the living baby told Solomon to just give the child to the other woman, whereas the mother of the dead baby tells Solomon that he should cut the baby in half. Well Solomon figures out that the woman who wants to spare the child, must be the actual mother and gives her the child instead.

Chapter 4: Solomon Reigns with Wisdom

  • Solomon was king over all of Israel.
  • There were 3 princes; Azariah, Elihoreph and Ahiah.
  • Scribe; Jehoshaphat.
  • Benaiah was over the host and Zadok and Abiathar were the priests.
  • Azariah was over the officers.
  • Zadub was the principal officer.
  • Ahishar was over the household.
  • Adoniram was over the tribute.

Solomon had 12 officers over each tribe of Israel; the son of Hur, the son of Dekar, the son of Abinadab, the son of Hesed, the son of Ahilud, the son of Geber, the son of Manasseh, the son of Iddo, Ahimaaz, Baanah, Jehoshaphat,Shimei.


Solomon reigned over his entire kingdom with peace and prosperity, his wisdom and understanding exceeded that of all men. People came from all nations around to hear the wisdom of King Solomon.


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