2 Chronicles 1-2

2 Chronicles 1-2

Chapter 1: Solomon Chooses Wisdom

Solomon was strengthened in his kingdom and the Lord magnified him exceedingly. Solomon gathers up all the captains, princes and governors of Israel to go with him to a place at Gibeon, which was a tabernacle of the congregation that Moses had built in the wilderness. The ark of God was brought up to Kirjath-jearim and the brazen altar was brought before the tabernacle, and there Solomon offered a thousand sand burn offerings upon it.

God comes to Solomon and asks him to ask Him for anything. Solomon asks God for wisdom and knowledge so he can better judge and lead the Lord’s people. God was very pleased with Solomon asking for knowledge and wisdom over riches and fame, and tells Solomon that his wish is granted and because he had asked for only knowledge and wisdom, he would also give him riches. So Solomon is given much wisdom, knowledge and riches!

Chapter 2: Solomon Builds a Temple

Solomon begins to organize his labor force to build the temple. He gets men to get stone in the mountain, and men to oversee their work. He also contacts Huram in Tyre to get cedars to build the temple. Huram also supplies him with men to work in gold, silver, brass and iron. In trade, Solomon agrees to provide Hurman with his servants, if he lends some of his servants back.


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