2 Samuel 15-16

2 Samuel 15-16

Chapter 15: Absalom Conspires Against David

Absalom conspires against David to take his thrown. Absalom gathers 50 men and their chariots and waits at the gates of the city, and when someone comes with a dispute to be brought before the King for judgment, he would turn them away… but telling them that their dispute was good and right and would sympathize with them, which gave him favor in the eyes of the people. Forty years later Absalom sends spies throughout all of Israel to have all the tribes shout “Absalom reigned  in Hebron” when a trumpet sounds.

The conspiracy of Absalom continues to grow stronger and causes a messenger to come to King David to tell him that the people (with the help of Absalom) are conspiring against him. So King David decides to flee with his men and women… only leaving behind 10 concubines to take care of his house.

King David crosses over the brook of Kidron and also many other tribes with the Ark of the Covenant of God. King David asks Zadok the priest to go back to the city of Jerusalem in peace with his sons to be an ear for King David.

Chapter 16: Ahithophel Counsels Absalom

Ziba meets David on the top of a hill. Ziba was the servant to Mephibosheth. Ziba brings donkeys with supplies to David and tells him that Mephibosheth is planning on bringing the throne of Israel back into the hands of the family of Saul. Mephibosheth knows that it is possible that King David and Absalom will fight to the death and leave the empire for him to sneak in and take control.

King David assumes that Ziba is telling the truth and gives him glory, honor and all of what Mephibosheth had. David leaves and heads toward Bathurim, where he is met by one of Saul’s family, named Shimei… who spends his time cursing and throwing rocks at David, essentially trying to lower his self-esteem and make him weak. At this point David’s men are getting upset and ask David if he wants the man dead. But David tells his men; to let him curse! This is a great example of not letting some idiot ruin your day or get you off from where you want to be. Just ignore the stupid people of the world and move forward. Don’t let the cursing and insults of the world turn you away from what you know is right.

David decides to send his friend Hushai unto Absalom to be part of his counsel and be a spy for King David. By doing this, Hushai could give bad advice to Absalom, which would aide in destroying his plot to become king. The reason for this, is that Absalom had very wise counsel, some even said it was almost as good as God’s, this counsel came from a man named Ahithophel, who even gave counsel to Absalom to go in and rape his father’s concubines, so that no reconciliation could ever be made. Absalom actually follows the counsel given by Ahithophel.


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