2 Samuel 19-20

2 Samuel 19-20

Chapter 19: David Returns to Jerusalem

As all of Israel celebrates their great victory, they start to succeed into their homes, because of the great anguish of the king. The people feel like they have won the war, and should be proud… but feel guilt for celebrating the death of the King’s son, so they become ashamed. Joab goes into King David and tells him that he needs to give up his mourning. After all there does exist something called too much mourning. He tells King David that he is being selfish and needs to get out and speak to his people and encourage them.

The people of Israel needed to see their king in his place of authority. Although David doesn’t want to reign, if the people don’t want him. So the tribes of Israel organize together and make a collective decision about whether or not to have David back as their king.

David agrees to replace Joab with Amasa, who will be the new leader of the army. This is to put Joab in his place and also show face to the side that had supported Absalom.

Shimei comes before David and asks for his forgiveness. Remember Shimei? He threw rocks at David in chapter 16. Also remember Mephiboseth? The one who was slandered by his servant Ziba in chapter 16? Well Mephiboseth tells King David that he really wasn’t trying to take the kingdom from him. So King David takes half of the land which he had granted to Ziba and gave it to Mephiboseth, because he did not believe on going back on his promise (even if it was a promise made under false information.)

Chapter 20: Sheba Leads Away the Tribes

David officially returns to Jerusalem and finds insurrection. Sheba was running the rebellion and believed that David was not eligible, nor did he belong on the throne. Sheba manages to take 10 tribes of Israel away, but Judah remained loyal to their king.

David takes the 10 concubines that were raped by Absalom and has them “shut up”, secluded and away from everyone until the day they died. What can we learn from that? OUR SIN AFFECTS OTHERS! If we use our agency to do evil, like steal, cheat, murder and rape… we are hurting others!

David commands Amasa to assemble an army to try and reason with Sheba. He gives him 3 days to complete the task. Impatience David decides to send a second army led by Joab because Amasa was late in returning. The second army catches up with Amasa and Joab decides to kill him; for two reasons: One, it is a rivalry. Amasa took his job! Second, Joab doesn’t believe that Amasa is actually on David’s side and is worried that he could be against him. While Sheba is hiding in the city of Abel, Joab and his army come to the gates and speak with the people, telling them that all they want is Sheba and they won’t harm the city. So the people of Abel, decide that they don’t want trouble! So they kill Sheba, cut off his head and toss it out to Joab! David reigns again and Joab remains the leader/captain of his army!


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