2 Samuel 7-8

2 Samuel 7-8

Chapter 7: A House of the Lord

David is blessed with peace throughout his house, David goes in to talk with Nathan the prophet and tells him that he is not sure what to do, because he dwells in a house of cedar (a constructed building), whereas the Ark of God rests in a tent. David offers to build the Lord a house, dedicated to him. A holy temple of God. David’s throne through Christ shall be blessed forever. The chapter ends with David offering a prayer of thanksgiving for this great blessing.

Chapter 8: David Defeats Many

David, with the help of the Lord manages to subject and defeat many of his neighbors. He takes on Moab, Zobah, Damascus, Betah, Berothai, Hammath, Syria, and Edom… making him the supreme ruler over all of Israel.  Executing his judgment and justice unto all of the people.


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