2 Samuel 9-10

2 Samuel 9-10

Chapter 9: Restoration of the Land of Saul

David decides that he wants to honor Jonathan for being his friend and decides to restore the land that once belonged to Saul, to his family. So Saul calls for a search of the family of Saul, they (his servants) find out that Jonathan’s son is still alive and he brought before the king. Mephibosheth was Jontathan’s son and he was given Ziba as his servant, eating at the kings table and eating the king’s bread he was honored.

Chapter 10: Israel Defeats: Amonites and the Syrians

The king of the people of Ammon dies and King David decides  to send his comfort to the new king, Ammon’s son. The new king was named Hanun and when the messengers of comfort and peace came into the land of Ammon, the people of Ammon begin to tell Hanun that David is sending “comforters” who really are spies to spy out the city. So Hanun has the servants humiliated. The servants come back to David and tell him what has happened. David responds by defeating the armies of Ammon and the Syrians who were helping them. Although the Syrians decided to back off before they were really defeated, for fear of Israel.


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