Summary of 2 Kings

Summary of 2 Kings

Chapter by Chapter:

2 Kings 1-2: “John the Baptist” – Elijah Prophesies the Death of Ahaziah/Elijah and Elisha
2 Kings 3-4: The Moabites are Defeated/Elisha Raises a Boy from Death
2 Kings 5-6: Naaman Washes in the Jordan River/Floating Axe
2 Kings 7-8: Israel Takes Spoil/Elisha Prophesies a Seven Year Famine
2 Kings 9-10: Jezebel Slain and Eaten by Dogs/Ahab’s 70 Sons Are Slain
2 Kings 11-12:  Jehiada Destroys the House of Baal/Jehoash (Joash) Reigns in Righteousness
2 Kings 13-14: Jehoahaz Reigns in Wickedness/Jeroboam Reigns in Wickedness
2 Kings 15-16: Israel and Judah in Wickedness/Ahaz Reigns in Wickedness
2 Kings 17-18: The Catholic Church?/Hezekiah Reigns in Righteousness
2 Kings 19-20: Hezekiah Seeks Counsel from Isaiah/Hezekiah Pleads with the Lord
2 Kings 21-22: Manasseh Does Evil/Josiah Reigns in Righteousness
2 Kings 23-25: The Book of the Covenant/Jerusalem Taken by Nebuchadnezzar/The Fall of Jerusalem

The Second Book of Kings (2 Kings) is a narrative History and Prophecy of the affairs and dealings of the divided nations/kingdoms. The book was written around 550 B.C. and it’s author is unknown, although it has been rumored that Jeremiah might have written it. We learn about many characters including; Elijah, Elisha, Naaman, Jezebel, Jehu, Joash, Hezekiah, Sennacherib, Isaiah, Manasseh, Josiah, Jehoiakim, Zedekiah and Nebuchadnezzar. Some things that we can learn or take from this book is that those who obey God, will be blessed and those who do not obey him will not be blessed and are usually cursed. Love GOD!

In the first chapters we read about the miracles of Elijah and his apprentice of sorts “Elisha”. Elijah is taken up to heaven in a whirlwind  and because of this Elisha asks God for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit that he might be able to carry on with the work of the Lord as His prophet. The remaining chapters tell of the violence and wars that occurred between the kingdoms. We learn that the last evil king Hoshea, because of his evil ways he and his kingdom are taken in under the Assyrian Empire who take them into captivity!


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