Summary of Nehemiah

Summary of Nehemiah

Chapter by Chapter:

Nehemiah 1-2: Nehemiah Mourns and Fasts for the Jews/Artaxerxes and Nehemiah
Nehemiah 3-4: Names of those who built walls/Enemies Seek to Destroy the Work
Nehemiah 5-6: Zerubbabel Renews Building of the Temple/The Temple is Finished and Dedicated
Nehemiah 7-8: Genealogy Records/Priesthood/Ezra Records the Law of Moses
Nehemiah 9-10: Jews Fast and Confess Sins/Sabbath Day and Tithes
Nehemiah 11-13: The People of Jerusalem/Priests and Levites/Nehemiah Corrects Apostasy


Nehemiah is the sequel to the book of Ezra and offers a historical, autobiographical account of Nehemiah’s role in rebuilding Jerusalem and calling the Israelites to repentance and reform.

  • The words of Nehemiah: Men from Judah said, “The wall of Jerusalem is broken down.” I prayed, “O Lord, give me favour with the king.”
  •  The king granted my request to go and rebuild Jerusalem. Sanballat was displeased. I inspected the walls and said, “Let us rebuild.”
  • The priests rebuilt the Sheep Gate, the Tekoites made repairs; Jedaiah repaired opposite his house, Meremoth repaired another section.
  • Sanballat ridiculed us and plotted to attack Jerusalem. So we prayed and posted a guard. The builders carried swords as they worked.
  • The people cried out, “We have to borrow to get grain.” I told the nobles, “Let us stop exacting usury.” I did not take my allowance.
  • Sanballat and Tobiah sent for me to do me harm. I replied, “Why should I come?” The wall was finished and our enemies were afraid.
  • I gave Hanani and Hananiah charge over Jerusalem. I registered the nobles, rulers and people by genealogy. The assembly was 42,360.
  •  The people gathered and Ezra read from the law. Nehemiah said, “This day is holy. Do not mourn.” The people held the Feast of Booths.
  •  The Israelites confessed. The Levites said, “Lord, you brought our fathers out of Egypt. They rebelled but you did not forsake them.”
  • The leaders sealed a covenant. The people made an oath: “We will not marry foreigners. We will bring the offerings for the temple.”
  • The leaders and one in ten of the people lived in Jerusalem. There were descendants of Judah and of Benjamin, priests and Levites.
  •  All the Levites and leaders gathered to dedicate the wall. They made offerings and rejoiced. Men were appointed over the storerooms.
  •  I cleared Tobiah out of the temple. I confronted those who profaned the Sabbath and who married foreign women. Remember me, O God.



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