Psalms 105-106

Psalms 105-106

Chapter 105: The Covenant of Abraham

“…Give thanks unto the Lord… Sing unto him… Glory ye in his holy name… Seek the Lord… seek his face…” (Psalms 105:1-4)

                We learn in the first four verses the importance of not only giving thanks to the Lord, but also praising his name… and seeking Him constantly.

“…Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” (Psalms 105:15) This is an important verse, because throughout all generations in time… the Lord’s servants have been attacked and this is a warning for those who try to hurt the anointed or servants of the Lord… basically… DON’T.

The rest of this Psalm goes through and reminds the reader of the Covenant the Israelites made with the Lord and reminds us of all the marvelous works and wonders the Lord did throughout time… but most importantly those miracles performed in the presence of the Israelites, when they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Remember the commandments and KEEP THEM!

Chapter 106: Moses helped Israel

The author of this Psalm reminds the reader of the ancient Israelites, who when faced with adversity cursed the name of God. However, when in dire need of rescue the Lord would save them from their enemies. We are reminded of the amazing works of the Lord and how He parted the Red Sea and yet within a very short period of time they “…forgat his works; they waited not for his counsel: But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert.” (Psalms 106:13-14)          

                How often to people forget the Lord? Especially after having witnessed miracles in their own lives or the lives of others? We as human beings are quick to forget. But like the people of old, we too go on to worship idols and because of this it causes much bloodshed and sorrow. Our worship of idols today can include money or the idol worship of celebrities. We need to take strict heed to this and stay away from idols.


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