Isaiah 19-20

Isaiah 19-20

Chapter 19: The Lord Will Smite Egypt

The burden against Egypt. The Lord strikes Egypt by giving them over to civil war and submission to a cruel master. The Nile will be dried, and the Egyptian economy thereby ruined. Foolish counsel has caused Egypt to stagger like a drunken man in his vomit. Judah will be a terror to Egypt. The Egyptians will turn to the Lord, and a savior shall deliver them. There will be a peace between the three former enemies of Egypt, Assyria and Israel.

Chapter 20: Assyria Shall Overrun Egypt

In the year of the fall of the Philistine king Ashdod at the hands of the Assyrians (711 BC). The Lord commands Isaiah to go naked – as he is naked, so shall the Egyptians and Ethiopians be led away naked as captives by Assyria. On this day, Judah will be ashamed that it once trusted to these nations.


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