Isaiah 27-28

Isaiah 27-28

Chapter 27: Israel Shall Fill the Earth

Leviathan will be defeated. Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit. In the Kingdom of the Lord, the city of man lies desolate. The Lord will be worshipped at the holy mount in Jerusalem.

Chapter 28: Revelation

The drunkards of Ephraim will be trampled underfoot. The beauty of the Lord will replace the faded beauty of Ephraim. Judah also suffers from the corruption of drunkenness.

“…they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink…” (Isaiah 28:7) This goes to show that the modern day revelations in the LDS church of the “Word of Wisdom” which says that we must not consume alcohol among other things is correct. Alcohol only clouds your judgment and the Bible does condemn you from drinking.

The reply of the drunkards is imagined – this message is fit only for those just weaned from milk. Scornful men have made a covenant with death. God will lay in Zion a stone for a foundation. But before the Lord gives that foundation and completes his task, He will give us Revelation and that Revelation will come; “…precept upon precept; line up line… here a little and there a little…” (Isaiah 28:10) This proves that the Bible is not the only word of God… because God always has and always will reveal new things… therefore continuing revelation through authorized servants is a must! The bed is too short to stretch out on, and the covering so narrow that one cannot wrap himself in it. The timing of a farmer is compared to the timing of the Lord.


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