Isaiah 43-44

Isaiah 43-44

Chapter 43: Jesus is our only Redeemer

The Lord has redeemed his people from slavery – he will protect them from waters and from fire. The Lord has chosen his servant, and commissioned Israel as his witnesses. The Lord will judge Babylon, and supply roads and water for his people in the wilderness. Jacob (Israel) has not offered sacrifices, and has been full of iniquity – nonetheless, the Lord will forgive previous sins.

Chapter 44: Why worship objects?

The Lord’s spirit will be poured onto the descendants of Jacob, and they will spring up like grass. “…  beside me there is no God.” (Isaiah 44:6) Idols and idol makers achieve nothing. Israel’s transgressions have been blotted out, as with a thick cloud. Jacob has been redeemed. Cyrus is the Lord’s shepherd, who will help to rebuild Judah and Jerusalem.



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