Isaiah 63-64

Isaiah 63-64

Chapter 63: We shall accept Jesus as our Father

                Who is this who comes from Edom with dyed red garments? He has trodden the winepress furiously. Nobody was by to help him. A savior redeemed his people, though afflicted. His people rebelled and grieved his holy spirit, so he turned against them. An exile’s plea for restoration – where is the God of Moses, who redeemed his people?

                “…thou art our father through Abraham…” (Isaiah 63:16)

Chapter 64: Salvation at the Second Coming

A prayer for God to intervene, shaking the mountains and making His name known to his adversaries. Sinfulness is confessed, and acknowledged as an obstacle. A plea is made to forget iniquity. God is asked to act in light of the fact that Zion is a wilderness, and Jerusalem desolation.

We are the work of the potter’s hand [God] and we are molded as clay is molded by the potter.


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