Jeremiah 13-14

Jeremiah 13-14

Chapter 13: Israel and Judah shall not

The Lord tells Jeremiah to place his girdle in the hole of a rock at the Euphrates. After a couple of days, it is marred. The Lord tells Jeremiah that after this manner will He mar the pride of Judah. The house of Israel and Judah cleaved unto me as a girdle cleaves unto a man, but is now good for nothing. The elite of Judah will destroy each other in drunkenness. Give glory to the Lord, before he changes light to darkness.

The Lord Counsels: “Hear ye, and give ear; be not proud: for the Lord hath spoken.” (Jeremiah 13:15) In other words… DON’T BE PRIDEFUL!

Chapter 14: The Lord will not hear thy prayers

Jeremiah surveys the famine, and admits iniquities on behalf of his people, providing a model of repentance. The Lord tells Jeremiah not to pray for his people. False prophets are rebuked. Jeremiah prays on behalf of the people once more.

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