Jeremiah 15-16

Jeremiah 15-16

Chapter 15: Jerusalem shall be destroyed

The sword, famine and captivity are promised, as punishment for the sins of Manasseh, son of Hezekiah (Jews). Widows shall mourn and languish. Jeremiah complains about being made to deliver such unwelcomed messages, for which too he is unwelcomed. Jeremiah pleads his sincerity, and asks pardon. God promises to protect him. Jerusalem will be destroyed.

Chapter 16: The Restoration

Due to the evils which threaten, Jeremiah is forbidden to marry or have a family, or to share in the joys and sorrow of his neighbors, which will be forgotten in the calamities that their sins will bring on them. The utter ruin of the Jews is foreseen and Israel will be rejected for serving false gods. Fishers and hunters will appear to bring them back to the truth of the gospel (missionaries) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be restored for the last time.


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