Jeremiah 37-38

Jeremiah 37-38

Chapter 37: Jeremiah Prophesies of Egypt

Zedekiah succeeds Coniah, the son of Jehoiakim, in Judah. Zedekiah does evil in the sight of the Lord. The kings send a message to Jeremiah, and Jeremiah replies, foretelling the return of the Chaldean army, who will take and burn the city. Jeremiah, in attempting to leave Jerusalem, and retire to his possession in the country is seized as a deserter and cast into a dungeon.

Chapter 38: Jeremiah in the dungeon

The princes of Judah, taking offense at Jeremiah on account of his predicting the destruction of Jerusalem, cause him to be cast into a deep and miry dungeon. Ebed-melech, an Ethiopian, gets the king’s permission to take him out. Jeremiah advises the king, who consulted him privately, to surrender to the Chaldeans. The king promises that he will not put Jeremiah to death, and requires the consultation secret.


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