Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone! I want to thank everyone who is following this blog; I started it on July 24, 2013 and already have 36 Followers! I thank you all for your patience as I transferred over my old Scripture posts from my old blog’s home at: “zachsscripturestudy.blogspot.com”. That process of moving over old blog posts has finished… only 406 Posts that cover Genesis through Jeremiah!

                So maybe you are asking, what is next? What can you expect from this blog? I encourage you to read my “About” page on this blog to learn more about what I will be writing about. For now I am going to be finishing the rest of the Old Testament and then most likely continue on to the New Testament. The only difference is that I will be posting 1-3 chapters worth per day, instead of the 1-3 Books that I have been doing.

                I encourage everyone to read this blog and any questions/comments can be answered by going to the Comments/Questions page. All legitimate/sincere questions will be answered. I hope you enjoy what you read! Thanks for the support!

–          Zach


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