Summary of Lamentations

Summary of Lamentations

Chapter by Chapter:

Lamentations 1-2: Jerusalem is Miserable/Desolation in Jerusalem

Lamentations 3-5: Prayer of Jeremiah/The Estate of Zion/Sorrowful Zion

The Book of Lamentations in the King James Version along with many other versions of the Bible actually describes the book as the Lamentations of Jeremiah. However, it is not a 100% fact that Jeremiah even wrote the book. I assume that is was in fact Jeremiah and throughout my study of Lamentations I refer to Jeremiah as having written the book of Lamentations. However, it is of no importance as to who wrote the book.

The book consists of five separate poems:

  • Chapter one the prophet dwells on the manifold miseries oppressed by which the city sits as a solitary widow, weeping sorely.
  • Chapter 2 these miseries are described in connection with national sins and acts of God.
  • Chapter 3 speaks of hope for the people of God. The chastisement would only be for their good; a better day would come out of the chastisement.
  • Chapter 4 laments the ruin and desolation that had come upon the city and temple, and blames only the people’s sins.
  • Chapter 5 is a prayer that Zion’s reproach may be taken away in the repentance and recovery of the people.

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