Ezekiel 9-10

Ezekiel 9-10

Chapter 9: The Righteous and the Others

Six men come from the north with weapons of slaughter in their hands. A few people in the city, who are distressed over the abominations committed in the land are marked on their foreheads by a man clothed in linen, so they may be spared: everyone else is to be destroyed. The shechinah (cloud of God’s presence) moves from the inner sanctuary to the threshold of the temple as a sign that God’s presence will soon depart. Ezekiel tries to intercede for his people, but God will not change his mind.

Chapter 10: The Wheels and Cheribums

The vision from chapter one is repeated. We learn that between the wheels are coals of fire, which are scattered on Jerusalem to show that it was to be burnt. The glory of the Lord (shechinah) departs further.


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