Ezekiel 23-24

Ezekiel 23-24

Chapter 23: Two Sister Whores

Samaria and Jerusalem are compared as two harlots, whom were beautiful virgins. These daughters were from one mother, however, they decided to destroy their beauty and remove their virginity by committing whoredoms in Egypt. Then they continued on to commit sexual sins with the Assyrians (Samaria and Jerusalem) and the Babylonians (Jerusalem). They are brought to a lowly state by those they doted on (doted:  those whose idolatrous practices they adopted). God, however, knows of their nakedness of their whoredoms shall be discovered, and both will be destroyed for their sins.

Chapter 24: Ezekiel = Sign

Jerusalem is compared to the scum in a pot of boiling water with bones and meat in it. Her scum shall be in the fire. The Lord causes Ezekiel’s wife to die, but as a sign to the Jews, Ezekiel is not allowed to mourn. This lack of mourning indicates that the Jerusalem will not be permitted to mourn for its forthcoming calamity.


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