Ezekiel 31-32

Ezekiel 31-32

Chapter 31: Pharaoh’s glory and fall

The Assyrian empire was like a tall and strong cedar tree, which the very trees of Eden envied. The tree was brought down, just as Egypt shall be.

Chapter 32: Ezekiel laments for Egypt

Egypt is described as a large and somewhat dangerous animal, such as a lion or a whale. This animal is caught, slain and left exposed to the elements! On the day that Egypt shall be “exposed to the elements” the sky will be darkened, and surrounding nations will be filled with terror. Egypt will be left so desolate, that its rivers shall run as smooth as oil, with nobody to disturb them.

God orders the slain Pharaoh and his host to be dragged down to the lower regions of the earth. The Pharaoh will share these regions with uncircumcised tyrants and oppressors. The Pharaoh’s particular region is for those who have been slain by the sword.


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