Ezekiel 47-48

Ezekiel 47-48

Chapter 47: Water in the Temple

The vision of the holy waters issuing out of the temple, starting as a shallow stream, then getting deeper and fuller until it is over a man’s head. The river travels east until it reaches a sea, which will swarm with fish. Only the marshy ground will still be salty. Fruitful banks will grow on the banks of the river. A description of the division of the land shared between Jews and proselytes are given.

Chapter 48: “The Lord is here”

A description of the several portions of the land belonging to each tribe, together with the portion allotted to the Temple, city, suburb, and the prince are given. The measurement of the gates of the new city – three facing north, three south, three east and three west, each named after a tribe. The city will be named ‘The Lord is there”.


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