Summary of Ezekiel

Summary of Ezekiel:

Chapter by Chapter:

Ezekiel 1-2: Vision of Four Creatures/The Sealed Book

Ezekiel 3-4: A Prophet’s Duty/The Famine of Jerusalem

Ezekiel 5-6: Judgment of Jerusalem/Israel shall be destroyed

Ezekiel 7-8: Desolation and War over Israel/Vision of Wickedness

Ezekiel 9-10: The Righteous and the Others/The Wheels and Cheribums

Ezekiel 11-12: The Visions: Destruction of Israel/Scattering among all nations

Ezekiel 13-14: False Prophets/The Lord will not answer to the evil-doers

Ezekiel 15-16: Jerusalem will be burned/Jerusalem is Sin, the Last Days

Ezekiel 17-18: Parable of Israel/Punished for our own sins

Ezekiel 19-20: Ezekiel laments for Israel/Failing to keep the commandments

Ezekiel 21-22: Both Righteous & Wicked shall be slain/The sins of Jerusalem

Ezekiel 23-24: Two Sister Whores/Ezekiel = Sign

Ezekiel 25-26: The Lord’s Vengeance/Tyrus shall be destroyed

Ezekiel 27-28: Ezekiel is sad for Tyrus/Tyrus and Zidon shall be destroyed

Ezekiel 29-30: Egypt shall be overthrown/Egypt made desolate by Babylon

Ezekiel 31-32: Pharaoh’s glory and fall/Ezekiel laments for Egypt

Ezekiel 33-34: Watchmen raise a voice of warning/Feed my flock

Ezekiel 35-36: Judgment of Mt. Seir/New Heart, New Spirit

Ezekiel 37-38: The Bible and the Book of Mormon/Battle of Gog and Magog= the Last Days

Ezekiel 39-40: Gog and Magog are destroyed/Ezekiel sees the Temple

Ezekiel 41-42: Ezekiel sees the Temple/Ezekiel sees the Temple

Ezekiel 43-44: Ordinances of the Temple/Temple = sacred

Ezekiel 45-46: Offer sacrifices/Ordinances and sacrifices

Ezekiel 47-48: Water in the Temple/“The Lord is here”


The author of the Book of Ezekiel shows himself as Ezekiel, the son of Buzi (Ezekiel 1:3) who was living in Babylon. Ezekiel describes his calling to be a prophet, by going into great detail about his encounter with God who rode upon a chariot of four wheels guided by Cherubs (Ezekiel 1). For the next five years he prophesies of the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple. However, Ezekiel other prophets like Jeremiah, witnessed the fulfillment of their prophecies when Jerusalem was finally taken by the Babylonians. Ezekiel was about 50 years old when he began to have visions of a new Temple. He served as a prophet for around 20 years.

The book of Ezekiel comes as a warning to his people, but also a warning for further generations… any time a nation loses its values and turns to wickedness, they will be destroyed.


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