Daniel 7-8

Daniel 7-8

Chapter 7: The saint will receive the kingdom

Daniel has a vision in the first year of Belshazzar’s reign: he sees four beasts coming from the sea, which represent the kingdoms of men.

  • The first beast: Daniel sees as representing the Babylonian Empire, which was like a lion with eagle’s wings. Its wings were plucked off, it was lifted up and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.
  • The second beast: Daniel sees as representing the Medes Empire, which was like is a bear with three ribs between its teeth – it is commanded to devour much flesh.
  • The third beast: Daniel sees as representing the Greek Empire, which was like a leopard with four heads and four bird’s wings on its back. It is given dominion.
  • The fourth beast: Daniel sees as representing the Greek Empire, which had iron teeth, and ten horns, which are then replaced by a single conspicuous horn. There are a man’s eyes in his horn, and a mouth speaking pompous words. This beast is then slain and burnt.

At the end of the vision, Daniel sees the Son of Man come with the clouds of heaven. He comes in the Last Days, and is given everlasting dominion. We learn that the four beasts are four kings, who are conquered by God, and their kingdoms are given to the people of God. The ten horns of the fourth beast (which made war on the saints) represent ten kings, to be succeeded by another, who shall subdue three kings, before being defeated by the Most High. The Saints will be the victors in the last days, before Jesus Christ comes for the Second time.

Chapter 8: Daniel sees a vision of two nations

Daniel has another vision in the third year of Belshazzar’s reign. In his vision he sees: by the river Ulai, there is a ram (Mede and Persia), with two horns, one larger than the other. It pushes in all directions, and cannot be overpowered. Another male goat (Grecia) with a large horn between its eyes challenges and conquers the ram. The goat becomes great in power, but its horn is broken, and replaced by four others. One horn grows great towards the south, east and Glorious Land. The horn takes away daily sacrifices, and casts down the place of God’s sanctuary. The transgression of desolation will last 2300 days, and then the sanctuary will be cleansed. This cleansing will happen when a fierce king will come in the Last Days to destroy that great nation. Gabriel explains to Daniel that the vision refers to the time of the end. Daniel responds to the vision with fainting and sickness.


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