Summary of Hosea

Summary of Hosea

Chapter by Chapter:

Hosea 1-2: Sons of the Living God/Israel shall be reconciled

Hosea 3-4: Israel shall seek God/Israel loves all truth

Hosea 5-6: Judah and Israel, shall both fall/Knowledge is important

Hosea 7-8: Israel and her sins/Israel and her sins

Hosea 9-10: Israel and her sins/Hosea calls upon Israel to repent

Hosea 11-12: Ephraim turns from the Lord/Prophets

Hosea 13-14: No Savior, But Jesus/Ephraim will repent

The book of Hosea is a Narrative History and Prophetic source of wisdom. The prophet Hosea wrote the book approximately 715 B.C. It records the events from 753-715 B.C. including the fall of the Northern Kingdom in 722. The main people that are mentioned are Hosea, Gomer, and their children.

The main purpose and adjective of learning was to illustrate the spiritual adultery of Israel and God’s boundless love for His people, regardless being wicked or righteous. With Hosea as God’s mouthpiece, God brings His message to the wicked Northern Kingdom.During this time, they are active in oppressing the poor in slavery and worshipping idols. God, because of His grace, sent another opportunity for Israel to repent and turn to Him. Shortly thereafter, the Northern Kingdom went into permanent captivity.

•    In chapters 1-3: God gives Hosea instructions to marry a harlot and he obeys. His harlot wife Gomer leaves him and finds another man. Hosea is faithful; he finds her, redeems her and brings her back home to him; “And I said unto her, Thou shalt abide for me many days; thou shalt not play the harlot, and thou shall not be for another man: so will I also be for thee.” (Hosea 3:3)

•    In chapters 4-14: Hosea describes how Israel has been unfaithful to God. Because of their unfaithful and sinful nature, God wants Israel to repent and turn from their wickedness. Even though God wants to restore and bless Israel, they continue in their sinful ways.


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