Summary of Galatians

Summary of Galatians

The book of Galatians is a series of letters written by Paul to the Galatians. These letters are known as “Epistles”, which were written around 50 A.D. The reason that Paul wrote these letters was because of some controversy among the churches and its members in Galatia, concerning Jewish laws. One of the laws that were in question was the law of circumcision, which the Christians believed were only for the Jews.

In chapters 1-2: Paul delivers his testimony about how he came to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul warns of people who come preaching another doctrine, than the one of Christ.

In chapters 3-5: Paul explains that Salvation cannot be obtained by law alone, but rather through faith on Jesus Christ. However, following the commandments of God and doing good works validates our faith.

In chapters 5-6: We learn about the Fruits of the Spirit and we come to understand that we must walk by the Spirit and abandon the desires of the flesh. Good works alone does not grant us salvation, however faith and good works do.


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