2 Chronicles 7-8

2 Chronicles 7-8

Chapter 7: The Lord Appears Unto Solomon

Solomon ended his dedicatory prayer when The Lord came down from heaven and consumed his burnt offerings and sacrifices and the priests could not even enter  into the temple, because the glory of The Lord had filled the entire temple. When everyone sees tv glory of God in the temple, the children of Israel bow to the earth, and worshiped and praised God. Solomon then offered 22,000 oxen and 22,000 sheep as sacrifices. Solomon had to use the middle court, because the altar in the temple could not accept all of the fat and meat offerings. But the children of Israel keep the feast for 8 days, and on the eighth day they made a Solomon assembly.


The Lord appeared to Solomon by night and tells him that his prayers have been answered and that he will overlook the little things that men do, if they turn away from their evil ways and do good He will be patient and kind to the children of Israel. The Lord also promises to bless Solomon with many things if he follows The Lord, but if he did not follow The Lord he would be cut off.


Chapter 8: Solomon Builds Cities

Hurman restores cities to Solomon and Solomon causes that his people dwell in those cities. Solomon goes on to build more cities, like; Beth-horon and Baalath and all the other cities. Solomon offers sacrifices to The Lord according to the law of Moses and priests and Levites are appointed to serve The Lord.


Joshua 21-22

Joshua 21-22

Chapter 21: 48 Cities & Suburbs

The Levites receive 48 cities with the suburbs of each city. The Lord fulfills all of the promises that he made with Israel and he gives them rest.

Chapter 22: Altar to the Lord God

The Israelites are now at peace and Joshua calls the tribes who live on the other side of the river Jordan to go home, because the fighting is over. He thanks them for their work and for following the commandments of God.

Joshua sends them home with a warning to “…love the Lord your God, and… walk in his ways… keep his commandments, and… cleave unto him, and… serve him with all your heart and with all your soul” (Joshua 22:5) Almost immediately after crossing over the river to go home, they start to build an altar. When the other Israelites here about this they get upset, because the Israelites are to be worshipping at one altar at the tabernacle and are not to be building their own altars. They even start to prepare to go to war against the tribes who are building this altar. However, Phinehas, the priest decides to call them all down and goes to reason with the tribes who are building this altar.

Phinehas explains that they are breaking the faith from God, by building this altar. Essentially building it without permission. They were thinking that they were building it to another god. But the other tribes explain that they are building it as witness and a way to remember to keep the commandments. It is not an altar to burn incense, but an altar to witness unto the Lord, that he is God and that all men should follow his commandments. When the rest of the tribes hear about this, they are pleased and take it as sign from God, that they are all united.