Summary of Exodus

Summary of Exodus:

Chapter by Chapter:

Exodus 1-3: Pharaoh wants to destroy all sons/Birth of Moses/Moses calling: Jesus Christ not Jehovah
Exodus 4-6: Signs unto Moses/Free Israel!/Jehovah=Jesus Christ
Exodus 7-9: Pharaoh’s Heart is Hardened/ Plagues: Frogs and Lice/Rain in Egypt
Exodus 10-12: Plagues and Darkness/Promise to Slay/The Passover
Exodus 13-15: Leaving Egypt/The Red Sea is Divided/Israel Sings with Moses
Exodus 16-18: Israel wants Bread!/Israel wants Water!/Organization of Church Laws
Exodus 19-20: Israel a chosen people/10 Commandments
Exodus 21-22: Laws of Moses/Laws of Moses 2
Exodus 23-24: Laws of Moses 3/Israel Accepts the Word of God
Exodus 25-26: Israel Commanded to build a Temple/Temple Veil
Exodus 27-28: Altar of Burnt Offerings/Garments/Urim and Thummim
Exodus 29-30: Washing and Anointing/Altar of Incense
Exodus 31-32: Sabbath Day/Golden Calf
Exodus 33-34: Face to Face/Moses in Mt. Sinai= Veil
Exodus 35-36: Offer Gifts unto the Church/The Work of the Temple
Exodus 37-38: Temple/Temple
Exodus 39-40: Holy Garments/Temple Washing
  • The Pharaoh of Egypt, fearful of the growing numbers of the Israelites orders that all the newborn boys in be thrown into the river.
  • A Levite woman saves her child, by placing him in an ark of bulrushes, where the daughter of the Pharaoh  finds him. This child is named Moses and is raised as her own.
  • Moses becomes aware of his origins and when he grows up he notices the abuse of the Israelites.
  • Moses sees an Egyptian beating an Israelite slave and ends up killing an Egyptain overseer and flees to Midian.
  • In Midian, Moses marries the daughter of Jethro, who is a priest in Midian. While there, Moses has an encounter with God in a burning bush. Moses asks God what his name is, and he responds, “I AM that I AM”. God instructs Moses to head back to Egypt and lead the Hebrews to the land of Canaan, the promised land of Abraham.
  • God appears again, and several more times while he is in Egypt. God instructs Moses to appear before Pharoah and instruct him on God’s demands, to let the people go.
  • Pharoah hears the demands and does nothing, this follows a series of 10 plagues, which always end with Pharoah promising to let the Hebrews go, but never doing it or stopping them as the being to leave. Because every time God hardens the heart of Pharoah.
  • God instructs Moses to institute the Passover among the Hebrews. God kills all the first born and livestock of Egypt, passing over the doors with blood on them.
  • Pharaoh finally lets the Hebrews leave Egypt and the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt begins. Over 600,000 Hebrews (excluding the Levites) leave the land of Egypt. As they leave, Pharaoh changes his mind and pursues after them through the wilderness.
  • Moses parts the red sea and is able to move all of the Hebrews across the Red Sea on dry ground, and closing the waters of the Red Sea on the troops of Egypt.
  • The Exodus becomes very difficult, but as long as the Hebrews follow the commandments of God, he provides for them; including Manna and Water.
  • Moses appoints Judges of Israel.
  • At the base of the Mountain the congregation of Israel sees and hears God in the clouds. God commands Moses to come up the mountain, where he instructs him on the laws and commandments of God and his kingdom. Moses receives the 10 commandments and other laws. The people of God (Israel) promise to abide by these commandments, with the promise that they will see the Holy Land of Canaan.
  • Moses is instructed to build the tabernacle (which at this point in time is a traveling tent like temple, where they perform ordinances and sacrifices under the guidance of the priest Aaron and his sons.
  • While Moses speaks with God, Aaron makes a golden calf and the people of Israel begin worshiping it. God informs Moses of this atrocity and threatens to destroy all of Israel. Moses pleads to him on their behalf.
  • Moses comes down from the Mountain again, this time with his face “transformed”, or basically without the vail.
  • The people of Israel begin to follow the commandments, the tabernacle is finished and ceremonies and rituals start to take place as they travel throughout the wilderness.

Exodus 25-26

Exodus 25-26

Chapter 25: Israel is Commanded to Build a Temple        

                The Lord speaks with Moses and tells him that the people of Israel need to donate property so that they can build a temple to the Lord.

                What is to be donated:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Brass
  • Blue, Purple, and Scarlet Linen
  • Goats Hair
  • Dried, and dyed red Ram’s skin
  • Badgers Skins
  • Shittim Wood
  • Oil
  • Spices
  • Onyx Stones

                Israel is commanded to build the Ark of the Covenant: which is a chest of Aracia and Shittim Wood, overlayed with Gold. It is 2.5 cubits long and 1.5 cubits broad. This chest is also referred to as the “Ark of Jehovah”.

                They are to build a room in the temple that has the mercy seat and cheribums. A table for the shewbread, and the candlestick according to what Moses was commanded.

Chapter 26: Temple Veil

                In the Tabernacle there is to be a veil with ten curtains of blue and purple, that have loops. These curtains have “taches” or marks on them and are to separate the holy place from the most holy place. The Ark of the Testimony is to be placed in the most holy place.

                What is really interesting to me is that Modern LDS temples have what the scriptures of old talked about. God has always called prophets and commanded them to build temples. That to me is a living testimony that the LDS church is indeed the same church that was lost in ancient times and restored today for our benefit and before the ushering in of the second coming.