Zechariah 5-6

Zechariah 5-6

Chapter 5: An angel reveals truths

Zechariah has a vision of a “…flying roll [scroll].” (Zechariah 5:2) twenty cubits by ten. On it are written curses against thieves and people who swear falsely [Perjurer’s]. Wickedness is described as a woman sitting in an ephah (which is most likely a basket seeing as it was an ancient form of measurement approximately 33 liters). An angel thrusts down the woman, and places a lead covering over the top of the “basket”. Two winged women take the basket to Babylon.

Chapter 6: Christ will sit on His Throne

Zechariah has a vision of four chariots coming between two mountains of bronze.

  • Chariot #1: “…red horses…” (Zechariah 6:2)
  • Chariot #2: “…black horses;” (Zechariah 6:2)
  • Chariot #3: “…white horses;” (Zechariah 6:3)
  • Chariot #4: “…grisled [grey or partly grey hair] and bay [reddish brown body color with a black mane, tail, ear edges, and lower legs] horses.” (Zechariah 6:3)

The chariots go before the Lord. Those who go toward the North Country have been or will be given rest. Joshua receives a crown of gold and silver. The BRANCH shall build the temple of the Lord.

Zechariah 3-4

Zechariah 3-4

Chapter 3: Jesus shall come “The Branch”

Joshua (the high priest) stands before the Lord and Satan stands on his right hand before the Lord to oppose Joshua. The Lord rebukes Satan. With this, the Lord helps Joshua by changing his filthy garments and gives him clean garments. Joshua is told that if he walks in the Lord’s ways, he will judge His house by that manner. The Lord says he is bringing forth his servant, which he describes as the BRANCH (Jesus Christ). The iniquity of the land will be removed, and everyone will invite his neighbor under his vine and under his fig tree.

Chapter 4: Zerubbabel shall finish the Temple

Zechariah has a vision of a lampstand, which is before two olive trees that supplied the seven lamps with oil through seven pipes. Zachariah is told that Zerubbabel will finish the work of rebuilding the temple. The two olive trees represent the two anointed ones, who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth.

Summary of Joshua

Summary of Joshua

Chapter by Chapter:

Joshua 1-2: Be of Good Courage/Spies to Jericho

Joshua 3-4: Dry Ground=River Jordan/Twelve Stones
Joshua 5-6: Israel Keeps the Commandments/Jericho is Destroyed
Joshua 7-8: Disobedience to the Lord/Words of the Law of Moses
Joshua 9-10: Joshua Makes Servants/Stones from Heaven
Joshua 11-12: Joshua and Israel Conquer/Cities Conquered
Joshua 13-14: Inheritance: Reuben, Gad and Manasseh/Land Divided
Joshua 15-16: Judah Gives Inheritance/Children of Joseph
Joshua 17-18: Manasseh/Ephraim=Inheritance/Tabernacle of the Congregation
Joshua 19-20: Inheritances by Lot/Cities of Refuge for Manslaughter
Joshua 21-22:  48 Cities & Suburbs/Altar to the Lord God
Joshua 23-24: Keep the Commandments and Love God/Serve the Lord God


Following the death of Moses, God calls Joshua as the new leader of his people. Joshua leads the Israelites across the Jordan River to take hold of the Promised Land. God tells his people that he will be with them, as long as they follow the commandments that he has given them.

Joshua sends 2 spies across the river to investigate the lands, the men enter into the city of Jericho where they are hidden from guards by a prostitute by the name of Rahab. Rahab after lying to authorities about the presence of two spies in her home, tells the spies that her and her family believe that God is with Israel. She asks them to spare her and her family when they come to destroy Jericho.  Because of her kindness the spies agree and return to Joshua to report.

Joshua commands the people to cross the Jordan River, and as they do the water stops and they walk across the river on dry ground. They mark this moment by 12 stones from the river bed (the twelve stones of course to represent the 12 tribes of Israel). After crossing the river, the people are able to produce food from their crops and because of this the manna from heaven stops. The men prepare for war by performing the ritual of circumcision.

Joshua and his men surround the city of Jericho for seven days, each day they play trumpets and carry the Ark of the Covenant around the city. On the seventh day he commands the army to attack and the walls of the city fall. He commands Israel to kill everyone, except Rahab and her family. They are forbidden from stealing any religious items from the city as spoils.

Joshua’s fame spreads throughout the land, but is then humiliated when they fail to take the next city, Ai. God tells them that they failed, because of the disobedience of an Israelite by the name of Achan, who had disobeyed the commandment to not take any religious items as spoil in the city of Jericho. The Israelite people stone Achan for his sin and they attempt again to take the city of Ai, this time they are successful and they erect an altar to God, to remember their commitment to God’s law.

Because of the success of the Israelites, the local Giebeonites, fearful of death come disguised as travelers and request peace with Israel. Joshua makes a treaty with them, without consulting God or knowing that they were actual inhabitants of the lands they were to be conquering. The local kings (5 of them) upset over the peace treaty between the Israelites and the Gibeonites, attack Gibeon. The Israelites come to the aid of the Gibeonites and destroy the other 5 armies. Joshua helps by commanding God to make the sun stand still, God listens.

The Israelites continue on fighting and conquering the lands, slowly dividing them up among the twelve tribes of Israel. Joshua makes a farewell speech, urging the Israelites to follow God’s laws, not to worship false gods or idols and to refrain from intermarriage with the natives. Joshua dies.

Joshua 11-12

Joshua 11-12

Chapter 11: Joshua and Israel Conquer

Joshua and the armies of the Israelites go up to Hazor, Madon, Shimron, Dor, Mizpeh and Achshaph and utterly destroy all of their inhabitants.

The Lord commands Joshua to kill everyone, and burn the cities and their chariots, and with the horses, the Lord commands Israel to “hough” the horses, or in other words; cut the hamstrings of the horses.

Chapter 12: Cities Conquered

All of the kings west of Jordan (31) are conquered and 2 more kings on the west side of Jordan. They are conquered by Israel.

The list of the Kings that were conquered; Joshua 12:9-24.

Joshua 9-10

Joshua 9-10

Chapter 9: Joshua Makes Servants

The Gibeonites, after hearing about the success of Israel and in some small part out of fear, make a league with all Israel. That they would become servants unto them. They do this, to avoid being destroyed in the future, as they know that their neighbors will be wiped off from the face of the earth.

Chapter 10: Stones from Heaven

The Gibeonites come to Joshua and tell him that they are about to be destroyed by the 5 kings of the Amorites and their people. So Joshua sends an army to help out their new “league” and they smite them heavily with the sword, and as they retreated the Lord sent a storm with a giant hail storm, with “stones” large enough to kill a man. In fact most of the armies of the 5 kings of the Amorites were killed by the stones then by the swords of the Israelites.

The Israelites catch the 5 kings in a cave and end up hanging all of them. A lost book of the Bible is mentioned in verse 13; the Book of “Jasher” – which we actually have in our possession today! I will be writing about that book much later, possibly towards the end of this year?

Anyways… the cities of the Amorites are completely destroyed with the help of the Lord and his armies!