Psalms 99-100

Psalms 99-100

Chapter 99: The Lord: Great in Zion

“The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble…” (Psalms 99:1) The Lord will be great as He reigns in Zion. We need to worship him and no one else.

The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and the priests through “…the cloudy pillar…” (Psalms 99:7) and these priests kept their testimonies. The Lord is great in Zion.

Chapter 100: The Psalm of Thanksgiving

A Psalm of Praise

                The title of the Psalm gives us a good summary. We need to serve the Lord and praise him with gladness, be thankful and bless his name.

Psalms 71-72

Psalms 71-72

Chapter 71: Praises of Thanksgiving

David praises the Lord with thanksgiving and asks who is like unto the Lord?

“…thou art my rock and my fortress.” (Psalms 71:3)

David also tells the Lord that when he is “…old and grayheaded… forsake me not…” (Psalms 71:18)

With the Lord David can gain his strength and be lifted from his troubles.

Chapter 72: Solomon a Type of Christ

A Psalm for Solomon.

                The whole earth is filled with the glory of the Lord. David describes Solomon as a type of Christ whom shall have dominion over the earth until the sun and moon cease to give light. The kings of Tarnishs and the sisles shall bring presents to him and the kings of Sheba will bring him gifts.