Summary of 2 Thessalonians

Summary of 2 Thessalonians

                Paul writes to the Thessalonians and speaks to them about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Apostasy and Missionary Work.

In Chapter 1: Paul urges the members to have faith through their afflictions, that they may be rewarded.

In Chapter 2: Paul explains that False Teachers can lead someone away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the power and authority are not present it is a period known as Apostasy.

In Chapter 3: Paul asks the members to pray for him and the Apostles so the work of the Gospel will continue to move forward as they preach and bring more souls unto Christ.

Summary of 1 Thessalonians

Summary of 1 Thessalonians

Paul wrote this letter to strengthen and encourage the church in Thessalonica. Paul reminds them of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Throughout this letter, Paul focused on the principles of Faith, Hope, and Love.

In chapters 1-3: Paul writes to the Thessalonians about the WORD and POWER of the Gospel. How without Authority, you cannot be properly taught the Gospel. He explains that he did not just come to them in WORD, “…but also in POWER, and in the Holy Ghost…” (1 Thessalonians 1:5) Paul then goes onto explain how the converts of the church bring him so much joy;  and how himself and others who preach the Gospel do it for the purpose of bringing others to Christ.

In chapters 4-6: Paul highlights Love and Hope. He urges the members of the Church (the Saints) to love on another and prepare themselves for the Second Coming of Christ. He explains that we should hold fast to what is good and “Rejoice evermore.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16)