Judges 3-4

Judges 3-4

Chapter 3: Worshiping False Gods

Israel intermarries with the Canaanite people, they begin to worship false gods, like Baalim and the groves and get sold into a form of slavery under the rule of Chushanrishathaim, who was the king of Mesopotamia. The children of Israel were under his control for eight years. During this time the Israelites cried to God for help and God delivered them and then guess what the Israelites did? They started to disobey the commandments of God and started to do evil in his sight.

Israel gets enslaved again by Moab, but through Ehud they are freed when he kills Eglon with a dagger.

Chapter 4: Deborah Prophetess

After Ehud dies the Israelites again commit sins and are placed under enslavement by Jabin, king of Canaan. During this time Israel was again crying to God for his help from their bondage. The Judge over the people of Israel at this time was a Prophetess by the name of Deborah.

Jabin is a cruel leader, who oppresses the Israelites for twenty years. The leader of his army is named Sisera. Deborah calls for a man named Barak to lead an army to kill Jabin, the leader of the army and all who oppress the Israelites. Deborah and Barak defeat the armies of Sisera. Sisera flees on foot to a tent of a woman named Jael, who is Heber’s wife. Jael promises to hide him and covers him with a blanket, gives him milk and tells him that she will stand watch and when someone comes, she will tell them that no one is in the tent. Jael however (once Sisera is fast asleep) grabs a stake from the tent and hammers the stake through the temple, into the head and into the ground of Sisera. This of course kills him and the Israelites become stronger.


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