1 Samuel 7-8

1 Samuel 7-8

Chapter 7: Put Away False gods

So we know that the men took the Ark to Kirijath-jearim to be safe. The Ark rested there for a space of more than 25 years, before the people of Israel began to fall into darkness. Samuel goes before the people and exhorts them to return to the Lord and put away the false gods of Ashtaroth. So the children of Israel put away both Ashtaroth and Baalim the false gods and served only the Lord God.

Samuel gathers all of Israel to Mizpeh where he prays to God on their behalf, while there in Mizpeh the children of Israel fast. The Philistines find out that Israel is gathered in Mizpeh and sends an army to destroy them. The Israelites see them approaching and get worried, so Samuel sacrifices a lamb unto God and God causes thundering to scare the Philistines away. Samuel becomes a judge over Israel.

Chapter 8: Evils of Kings

Samuel’s sons do evil and take bribes and pervert the Judgment in the land of Israel. Israel seeks a king to rule over them, Samuel tells Israel of the evils of having a king. How they can take power too far. But the Lord gives his consent to them having a king, if they really want one.


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