2 Chronicles 3-4

2 Chronicles 3-4

Chapter 3: Solomon Builds a Temple

Solomon begins the construction of the temple on the threshingfloor or Ornan. He begin construction on the second day of the second month in the fourth year of his reign.

In this chapter we learn again about the dimensions of the temple which could be found in previous books and chapters of the Old Testament. It mentions that Solomon used many precious stones and gold of Parvaim. He made images of cherubims and overlaid them with gold. Solomon also made a veil for the temple made of purple and crimson and all manner of fine linen. In the inner sanctuary he made chains and put a hundred pomegranates on the chains. The pillars of the temple on the left he called Boaz and on the right hand he called Jachin.

Chapter 4: Solomon’s Temple

Solomon makes a molten altar of brass and a molten sea of brass (this is the baptismal font) which had oxen underneath it, 3 looking north, 3 looking west, 3 looking south and three looking east. The sea (baptismal font) rested upon their back and represents the twelve tribes of Israel.

He made 10 lavers (washing stations), 10 candlesticks of Gold and 10 tables and put 5 on the right and 5 on the left. The baptismal font was set on the right side of the east end against the south. Everything in the temple was of gold.


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